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Working Together

What I offer to my clients and how I work with them

How I can work with you

Whether in-house or remotely I can be fully integrated and flexible to your needs.


User First

Through a combination of workshops, user interviews and observation sessions I get to core of a challenge. By constantly listening to users, learning from what they do, and evolving the product or service accordingly to deliver what is right for the end user and fulfils a business need. 

Outcome Orientated

Every stage of a project I undertake is outcome focused. For example using research to create deep insight about who the end user is, what they want, what their goals are and what will forge an emotional connection with them.


I use a combination of disciplines, models and tools to ground my approach. From product design, psychology, behavioural economics, user experience, ethnography, cultural strategy, social media listening, and lean software methodology. Each project I work on is carefully assessed so my clients get a tailored approach to tackling their challenge. 


What you see is what you get. I provide clear and unambiguous answers to your challenges guided by my rigorous approach to research and delivery of strategic thinking. I take a problem and with my clients we work together to create the best possible outcomes for users and the business

How I work

My work is a mix of the following:

Behaviour planning: mapping out overarching customer experiences & user journeys, considering all touchpoints, and identifying how and where brands can best develop interactions that delight and deliver.

Lean Execution: agile and iterative approaches that start quickly with a simple working service, then scale up as you and your team discover what people want

Strategic provocation: Provide a coherent vision that will generate value for both business and customer. Through modelling new propositions so you can decide what to offer, where to deliver it, how to communicate it, and the right business model to underpin it